Warsaw UNIT Enrobes in the Dragon Skin

The emerging skyscraper Warsaw UNIT in the Warsaw city centre enters the stage of being covered with thousands scales-like plates. Known as the Dragon Skin, it is a unique construction reacting to every puff of the wind, each time changing into new remarkable form. Ghelamco’s project is the first office building in Poland which uses this spectacular technology.

Warsaw UNIT is emerging next to Rondo Daszyńskiego in the Wola district, the heart of a new business centre of Warsaw. The 202-metre high building will provide 57,000 sq. m of modern office space on 45 floors.

The project’s uniqueness lies in its architecture, which refers to the modernist heritage. The most distinctive element is the Dragon Skin, a type of kinetic facade, which will react to every puff of wind, forming on its surface unique images modelled by forces of nature. The construction will cover almost entire podium of the building.

“Every time we execute our flagship project we try to add something exceptional, which will make it stand out from other buildings. Warsaw Spire received dynamic facade illumination with famous words ‘Kocham Warszawę’ (‘I love Warsaw’) and Plac Europejski (European Square) with space for citizens. In case of Warsaw UNIT we decided on the ‘Dragon Skin’, which, according to our knowledge, has never been implemented on any building and certainly on any skyscraper in Poland. It makes our project unique and stands as an opportunity to become another Warsaw’s showpiece and attraction”, says Jarosław Zagórski, Commercial and Business Development Director, Ghelamco Poland.

The creator of Warsaw UNIT design is Polsko-Belgijska Pracownia Architektury Projekt, which also collaborated in the architecture of Warsaw Spire.

The application with pandemic mode

The innovative architectural solutions are not the only aspect that make Warsaw UNIT remarkable. The latest Ghelamco’s project will be also packed with modern technology increasing the comfort and security of its users.

One of such tools will be a mobile application dedicated to Ghelamco’s office buildings designed by developer’s internal innovation department. One of its functions could be also used during the state of epidemic threat. The feature will inform building users whether the premises are operating in the so called pandemic mode, which implements emergency and safety rules. The employees will receive up-to-date information, instructions and rules of conduct. Moreover, chatbots and AI will be used for communication with the tenants. Finally, the application will provide, among many other features, a navigation system which will cover the building and its surroundings, an access to the office and a room booking possibility.

The pandemic mode in Warsaw UNIT will enable prevention technologies diminishing spread of the virus. The air conditioning system will work with use of fresh air exclusively in order to prevent mixing of the extract air with the exhaust air in the building. What is more, UV lamps will be installed in lifts to effectively disinfect the space.

Health, comfort, ecology

Warsaw UNIT is also the first skyscraper in Poland to be applying for the newest WELL v2 Core certificate. In this multiple-criteria certification system parameters related to health and good well-being of building users are taken into account in the first place.

The latest Ghelamco’s project takes pride in excellent location. In its direct vicinity there is an intersection of the most important roads and a transfer hub, which includes entrances to M2 metro line along with tram and bus stops. There is also an urban and suburban train station nearby.

Warsaw UNIT, apart from the highest-quality office space, will also host commercial area and food amenities available from the street level. The building will also provide a multi-storey garage for over 450 cars as well as well-developed infrastructure for cyclists, including parking lot for bicycles, locker rooms and showers.

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