Warsaw UNIT among the safest buildings in the world

Warsaw UNIT fully adapted to work in a post-pandemic reality. The effectiveness of the solutions used in the high-rise building has been confirmed by the WELL Health-Safety Rating certificate.

This is another WELL Health-Safety Rating certificate awarded to a Ghelamco investment. Earlier, the group of the world’s safest buildings was joined by another of the developer’s flagship investments in Poland – The Warsaw HUB complex. The SWECO company was responsible for supporting the Ghelamco team and coordinating the WELL Health-Safety Rating certification process for the entire Warsaw UNIT complex.

“The comfort and health of the users of our investments are our priority. Our buildings are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies developed in cooperation with the scientific community” – emphasises Jarosław Zagórski, Sales and Development Director at Ghelamco Poland.

The WELL Health-Safety Rating is a certification that proves in an objective, scientifically backed way that the procedures implemented in a building – as well as the regular inspection of its key systems (such as, among others, ventilation and plumbing) – have a positive impact on reducing the risk of COVID-19 hazards.

To ensure the health and safety of employees, Warsaw UNIT uses state-of-the-art technologies developed by Ghelamco together with scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology. UV lamps have been installed in the lifts and the building’s air conditioning system to effectively disinfect the space and air, ensuring maximum sterility. Additionally, in the so-called ‘pandemic mode’, the air conditioning system can only run on fresh air. The building’s water quality is also regularly tested by laboratory tests, while numerous filters and sensors carefully monitor the air quality, ensuring that the interiors of Warsaw UNIT remain smog-free.

Employees of the complex are informed about all related procedures via a mobile application, which is part of the building operating system Signal OS, developed by Ghelamco. The app is also used to grant access and invite guests, preventing uninvited people from entering the building. 

About Warsaw UNIT
Warsaw UNIT is one of the most technologically advanced skyscrapers in Poland. The architectural design is the responsibility of the Polish-Belgian Pracownia Architektury Projekt. The building is managed by CBRE, an international consultancy firm, which also has its headquarters there. The building’s tenants also include the insurance company Warta, which occupies 13 floors.

UNIT sets trends in ecological construction, which is confirmed by such certificates as the Green Building Standard and BREEAM, in which the high-rise building received the highest possible rating as the first skycraper in Poland. It also holds the title ‘Barrier-free facility’, signifying the building’s adaptation to the needs of people with disabilities and reduced mobility. There is also extensive infrastructure for cyclists: bicycle parking, changing rooms and showers.

Warsaw UNIT is also recognised around the world for its unique, fully glazed terrace at the top, which leans out of the building, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience. It is the only attraction of its kind in Europe.

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